Multi-Coloured America

Will all Americans soon look like Mariah Carey or Tiger Woods? Most certainly not everyone will sing or play golf as well as they do, however the number of Americans, who have got black, white and Hispanic ancestors (i.e. Carey) or are of  black, white, Indian and Asian origin (i.e. Woods) will increase.
No other country has taken in such a great number of immigrants. Whereas America had hoped for the moment that the "melting-pot" would Americanise all immigrants, nowadays people are proud of ethnic variety. Society is changing constantly.

America's rise to a great power in the course of the 19th century has got a lot to do with that constant influx of immigrants. At that time it was mainly Europeans. Nowadays most immigrants originate from Asian and Hispanic countries and so change the appearance of the USA.

On the following pages you will find information on the history of immigration, ethnic variety in present-day America and on the American Dream.

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